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blue prophet's Journal
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Friday, February 23rd, 2007
7:16 pm
For those that brought it up earlier.

Death note, failed to impress. OR does it improve after the first 10 episodes? The first 5 or so were ok, then I found a complete failure to do something buetifull with the concept.

On another note, the entire second arc of bleach sucked. The third arc is shaping up to be ok.

The new naruto is still under judgement. Watching it one week at a time is irritating though.

That is all. You may now cease being on the edge of your seats for my wisdom.
Monday, May 8th, 2006
1:35 am

Pft. Why am I doing this at 1:30 AM ?
Friday, May 5th, 2006
9:40 am
Where the fuck is my bonus? :( They havn't emailed us about it, and they said they would. Thats 3000$! I want it :( Oh well. Even without the bonus it should be a profitable summer. Once again I am TAing CS 111, though later in the summer 211 is the name of the game. That'll be fun, since I havn't taught it before. With luck the project will be something fun, I think they did an MP3 player last semester, hopefully we're back to the game design project. Feck, time to goto work. This is the last day I'm going to spend trying to get the A3000 to spit out something simple and stupid. Seriously. Just because it's the paramount of 1970's technology, does not mean it should rock my world.

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
5:40 am
So today, I did something so monumentally stupid, that it must be marked with a livejournal entry. Plus, I think you will see, I need to stay away somehow. So it's 4:30 Am. No, scratch that, 5:30 Am. Daylight savings and all. I had set my clock ahead already. It was already two or 3 hours ahead, and I thought I had accounted for that. This morning, at 7 AM, I have my first new swim practice. Crappy that this coincides with daylight savings, but hey, I'll go anyway. Notice that I would not have to be up untill *6:30*. My clock currently reads 6:43. Am I late? No, I have still have 45 minutes before I even hafto be up. Fuck you world. And now I'm not even really sleepy. Oh well, I'll try anyway.

Current Mood: arg.
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
11:42 pm
Ok, so I need opinions. Which Snow-Star exec is getting the raw deal in the media department:

Steve(Air and Space magazine - a Smithsonian publication):

Steven Jones crouched in a California parking lot, hoping to pioneer the next great stride into space. The clean-cut, 22-year-old senior in engineering at the University of British Columbia was tinkering with a robotic contraption he and fellow students built out of solar cells, motors, hot-tub tubing, and pieces of a purple bicycle.

Or Me(National Geographic):
With no team qualifying for cash prizes this year, next year's jackpots could reach $200,000 per event. It's real money—and real motivation. But it's not the only thing driving competitors.

"For me, personally, it was a chance to join the next space race," said Simon Hastings of Team SnowStar.

"Having always seen space travel as the next step in human development, I jumped on the opportunity to get involved with the Centennial Challenges," Hastings added.

"It wasn't about the money, but about the feeling of being part of something bigger than myself and accomplishing something meaningful."

I Think we're both media whores. I found out I had been published about 6 months after I had given the quote. Scared me half to death when I googled my name.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
1:19 am
2nd Year schedule..
Since I was bored today, I planned out my Realistic schedule for next year, I need to apply for 1 extra credit to
get it to work, perferably I'd like 7 extra to take some extra cpsc as well. Anyway(actual time table won't be available untill they post next years schedule):

First Sem:
Phys 200 - Relativity / Quanta intro
Phys 301(permision required) - Maxwell's Equations
Phys 209 - intermediate Experimental techniques
Math 215 - Differential Eqtns #1
Math 223 - Matrix/Vector Algebra and or Calc
Math 226 - Advanced Calc 3
Astr 303 - Galactic astronomy(Perm required)
Credits: 21

Second Sem:
Phys 203 - Thermo
Phys 206 - Mechanics
Phys 209 - continued from last term
Phys 308 - Optics
Phys 401 - Electro Mag Theory(depends on Phys 301)
Math 227 - Advanced Calc 4
Credits: 18

That would be nearly optimal, adding CPSC 322(AI), 320(Hardware), 310(Algorithems)
or 302/304(302 - ? 304 is databases - they're both required) would be good, as would
phys 305(Biophysics), phys 312(Math. Physics). If I don't get permision or if there
are time conflicts on the above I'll do substitutions.. maybe do directected studies
sometime to. So whats left for 3rd and 4th year? It looks like some physics, yea,
but more importantly time for directed studies, plus time to get a 3 Honours split
degree. Sweet, I didn't think it would be possible.

I've been told on several occations today that I make people sick.

On a side note, I'm thinking for this summer, soviet history(6 cred - hist 438 or so)
and cpsc 221. Comments?
Friday, December 24th, 2004
2:12 pm
Quick update..
I can't spend too much time updating, since I've got like 4 mins left on this card. My grades in short:

1 ASTR 201 101 3.0 86 A 3.0 70 59
1 CHEM 121 188 4.0 81 A- 4.0 59 204
1 CPSC 111 103 4.0 95 A+ 4.0 67 105
1 MATH 120 101 4.0 73 B 4.0 79 46
1 PHYS 107 101 3.0 95 A+ 3.0 75 67

Anyway, I'm in Huoston right now, so not much time to type and such. Everybody have a nice christmas, I think I might. Havn't decided yet. That 95 in physics improves my day quite a bit. Either way, I gonna go try and do some christmas shopping.. Just got to try and get my dad something. HAve a nice christmas! :)

Friday, December 3rd, 2004
11:53 am
mmm, LJ update
so I'm officially done classes now, YAY! umm, got one assignment due, my formal report for my physics lab, but other then that I'm done. Just need to study I guess, maybe get some japanese in too since I've been given warning that I'll have a new roommate soon - probably an exchange student. We're hopeing for an ethiopian, or I wouldn't mind japanese. German would be funny too. Also theres the possibility of them getting the guy girl thing wrong - that would be cool too ;)

Heheheh. Anyway, they're filming stuff like crazy here. They just finished "the excorcism of emily rose" and are just today starting the new season of Smallville. There are crazy things like "daily planets" on the street corners right now, plus the changed the ATMs to show "metropolis city ATM" .. heh. Anyway, yes, that is all.
Friday, October 29th, 2004
8:14 pm
So, res life! And you guys better friggin comment, or I'll be forced to hunt you down with a spork come christmas.

Umm, since people wanted to know about Paint it Black, I DID do it, or rather, the parts that I didn't forget when I got on stage(no prompts), and I did it Sans mike - so noone heard me anyway. Slightly traumatic, but I feal good having taken a risk - though it could not have gone worse.

I'm done my week of REALLY heavey midterms, down.. 3 this week and 2 earlier in the semester. 3 more to go. So far above 80% on all of my midterms, and I think I might hit an A or an A+ on my Astrophysics midterm. I can't do better then a 98% in the class right now, but hey, thats not bad ;) Chem may have gone badly today I guess, I'm pretty sure I'm sitting somewhere between 80% and 100% on it. I can't find any mistakes, so I think it's pretty good. Same with Astr. Physics. Neh. After the worst test of my life(really - I fucked up VERY badly, and still got an 83%), it's good to know I can still beat 70% of the class. I was worried I'm out of my depth, but I'm still floating on. Neh.

Other news, I do have a room mate right now, and we're getting along well(I think), it's just a comfortable little roomie type thing. I dunno, I think I'll be keeping this one unless he actually leaves the university(not outside the realm of possibility, ie, if he fails his courses this sem. Not likely mind, but I might still get a record going here).

No halloween costume yet - damn huh ? I may go buy one at Value Village tomorow if I feel up to it. Thinking of being a monk - die my hair at the same time maybe? maybe shave it? probably not shaving it, though that would be funny. Dunno. I gonna go do laundry, clean my room, and study a bit. Plenty of time for drinking later tonight(gotta finish off last weekends keiths.. have .. 9 bottles left.

Current Mood: numb
Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
10:53 am
Hey guys
Erm, havn't updated for a while, so I thought I aught to. Err, first I've got my first midterm back, a solid 95%. Not bad, but I think I should have had higher, all my mistakes were stupid. Umm. I went to the astronomy club viewing - it was VERY cool. Highlights included A globuler Cluster(M80?), the ring nebula(caused by a super nova colapsing into a white dwarf) and of course, the moon! Seriously very cool to see the craters on the moon. If you get the telescope looking at the edge where the moon meets space(towards the dark side) you get really cool 3d definition. You can actually see where the craters are and just HOW big. Only planet that was up was Uranus, and I didn't get to see it. Oh well. Don't imagine it could have been that high quality, I think the telescope was 18 inches, but that may not have been enough. Wish I had a hundred thousand to spend on one.

Anyway, my mom's also in town, so I got to mooch! :) For those of you still underage or planning to visit somewhere where they ARE underage - chinese/japanese/ethnic bars and resteraunts NEVER ID. Was great, now I have a supply of shampoo to last me a while :) Also detergent - a definite necesity.

I'll be back in edmonton on friday, arriving in at .. 10:13. Leaving on tuesday early.

Umm. also, my kitty died :( I just found out wendsday. Sad to think that a life could deteriate in 3 weeks.

Now i can't remember what I wanted to say .. Blah. Anyway, I'll update in a few days, see some of you pretty soon.


Current Mood: disappointed
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
1:08 am
Saturday night
Aight. The good news is that my head is still (mostly) unshaved. Yea, but I did some crazy shit. I wasn't the worst though. Migeul(who as we speak is in the finals - I decided I was cold and it was bed time - kinda wet - explained below) went on a bus _naked_, bunch a guys went off the highdive naked(i was not among them), things i _did_ do:

Went in the engineering dive tank - it's really gross when you can see the water, I havn't, so I may puke when I do. Think algae and scum.

Streaked second haida, aight, not really, I was naked and all but the RA was there so I had to stop.

Drank a shot of 151 with a goldfish in it. His name was stan.

Shaved various (non-genital) parts of my anatomy. It didn't hurt this time either. Not my head btw, my head is basicly unshaved - theres a strip where it was shaved but if I fluff my hair it's basicly not visible.

Wore a condom on my head for most of the night.

But yea, was pretty crazy. After yesterday(pictures still pending) I didn't drink vodka - I traded it away for some beer. Incidently Miguel won - they decided that him going on the B-line bus won the competition and a 4th round couldn't happen. Anyway. Yea, I'm having a good time, but having difficulty making really good friends. Good knews is that people really did take care of me last night - people do care. They just, you know, don't really understand me. *sighs* Well, thats alright. Those who do are a pretty rair bread. Meh. New room mate soon I think, I still need to email my old one and ask wtf. Anyway, I gonna hit the hay. ttyl.

Saturday, September 25th, 2004
7:55 pm
Wow, friday nights
That was insane.

Not all the details are still in there, but some important ones:

I had part of my head shaved - I've yet to decide how to fix this
I'm apparently an extremely violent drunk
Asian people in diapers with me in an elevator are funny as hell
I owe Sho for taking care of me, I actually have nice friends here
Somone stole some of my vodka.

Thats the big points. Plus theres a ton of people who recognize me from rumor or from face when they saw it themselves. No hang over thankfully - I puked more then enough. I may post the pictures when I find adam again.

You'd think this would mean a quiet evening tonight, relaxing, not much going on.

Right. Tonight's first year initiation. Pretty sure this will include nudity, gold fish shots, and a ton of other nasty things.
Monday, September 20th, 2004
5:33 pm
Wow, I was so desperate to avoid doing my homework that I actually went for a run. This was ment to be a sissy run. 5 minutes there. 5 minutes back. Maybe a mile. mmmm no. That didn't happen. A nice fellow was running as well, and so we ran together. Thing was that he was half done, so I stayed on with him around half the university, and then cut through the middle. It hurt a bit. 2 1/2 ish miles, maybe 2.

Anyway, I started keeping track of my running, so I'm using those little green sheats my mom insisted I take with me when I go. Also have weight lifting to do though I'll do that tomorow not today. Blah. I ment to get a haircut today - I really did. I didn't but, but it's the half hearted untried and generally shallow intention that counts, right ?

I have an unbelievably tough set of homework to do. I'm actually challanged by the astronomy problems. not like a little bit, but alot. It's seriously scary. Mind you, that isn't surprising given that they depend on alot more calc then I'm used to, and rotational momentum which more complex then anything I covered in school. It is my MISSION to finish both assignments tonight. MISSION! it sounds impressive, doesn't it ?

God I am so tired. Just wasted. I drank an absurdly large quantity of caffine before bed and now I'm just so tired it's scary. I didn't sleep till 4 AM or something. The bad thing is that I may need to do something similer tonight to actuaally finish my homework. Theres math problems too :s this isn't good. Damnit.

Food time soon. Plus problems and assignments for 3 classes, *sighs* Blah. I gonna grab some food, and then try and work out how to get my blood suger up and staying up for the course of doing all this homework.


Ps - room mate MIA again. Got a tally for # of days since last seen on the door now. :)

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
3:47 am
Aight, So
Today was pretty crazy. First we painted ourselves black, and then we took to a field in a giant war throwing paint at each other. This led to us storming(about 1000 of us) the other residence complex chanting 'Vanier sucks'. This was intense. And such an immense waste of energy to throw paint at them. None the less, I had a great time. Then there was a relatively lame barbeque, and then the 'meat market', which turned out surprisingly lame. I met a nice japanese girl though, and I learnt a few new words, as well as a judo throw. So all in all a nice day. Later there was pizza as we watched an old SNL episode, and I was told I was conservative? Am I conservative? I never really think of myself as the conservative type. Weird huh? or not ? I NEED SOME ANSWERS ON THIS ONE, SO REPLY YOU WANKERS!. Yes, anyway.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
11:46 am
I am so unbeliavably sleep deprived. It's scary, I think I've averaged like 6 hours over the last week. For some people that might be normal, for me thats extremely low. Chem let out early today since it was the first lab, and I don't have class again till 2. This is a good thing. Gives me a few hours to burn through a bit of math homework, and maybe think about recopying the solutions to a nice form.

Oh, and karma strikes back! For those of you jealous of my sunshine, it's now raining here, and has been for like 4 days straight. I'm under the impression that it doesn't intend on stoping untill May.
Monday, September 13th, 2004
9:28 pm
In Muffin Paradigm
Since Muffin decided to post her day, I thought I aught to post mine. Plus if I don't update sarah is gonna slaughter me.

Get up at 7 or 8 on the weekdays, MWF is 8, TTH is 7.
Eat at Caf with floormates if available, otherwise whoever is handy.
Enjoy rousing Astronomy and Math
Lunch time at the other Res caf! much nicer then my res's I might add..
Physics and CPSC
Further labs on mondays
Home to workout- weights and running on alternating days, soon to add TKD
Food(again - at the Caf)
Then studying and MSN/whatever.
Followed by bed.

Exceptions - weekends are nuts, generally including studying, sleeping, drinking and weird hours that vary by 9 hours from my during the week hours. Beach visits are a definate plus :)

But yes, the money issue? I find I don't spend all that much. I'm at 1.75$ so far this week, counting sunday and monday. I think this bodes well :) I'm WAAAAY over budget! EHHEHEHEH :) I love it. This is what I get for planning ahead - and note that I'm essentially paying for textbooks and tuition on my own, while parents pay room and board(which everyone else gets for free) so no griping at me for having it easy!!! </rant>

Anyway, math is still difficult, but I followed in class today. Trying to prove some limit related stuff right now, and I so buggered it up. Blah.

Other then that my day has gone very well :) Lil' quiet, but hey, can't always be partying.
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
3:30 am
Not only did I clean my keyboard causing severe problems, but I drank alot tonight, so theres a movie of me dancing no doubt floating around somewhere ; ) I can live with this fact, although it might follow me arouned in life it's not that bad( I think ).However I'm really tired so I think it's bed time. Blah. Super sleepy. Today was pretty easy, since my classes end at 2;00, which is oddly actually late by my standerds, when I'm sometimes down by 10:30 in the morning. Anyway, bed time.

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
8:40 am
First day O' class
Wow, first dayt of class already! God, I hope it goes well. See, even simons get a little nervous! But yes, the big worry is my Astr 201, it's a second year course, and even though I really did earn my way into it it's still a little scary. But hopefully all will be well. I know alot of people in my math and physics classes, and not so many in my cpsc class. Well, alot meaning 3 or 4. Good start! :) God bless mug groups. Speaking of MUG groups and such, imagine day was yesterday and it was an alright, although extremely loud and tiring event. My conclusion is that the presidents speach wasn't great, I don't know who misplaces their pauses in a speach, but anyone who uses them for chears and then puts them in when we arn't chearing has screwed up! Anyway, yea, imaginary friends named Bort aside, things are well. Wow. Lil' scared. Breathing... Breathing.. heh, just kidding, just nervous. Anyway, I'll update tonight :)

Update: My roommate is still MIA. Thats 3 days now.

Current Mood: nervous
Monday, September 6th, 2004
12:56 am
Hey folks :)
Ummm. I ment to do this last night, but was rather tired(read 'and slightly drunk - not that drunk, but enough to make me "tired"'). spent time with the second years on my floor, and with my other housemates. Met LOTSA people at the icecream( read tiny plastic cups and a wooden scooping stick) social. It's just insane the number of names you hafto learn.

Anyway, so later on I went out to the beach, where there was a wild party occuring. The police were at the top of the stairs when we came up from it, and apparently broke it up about a half hour after we left. future reference: bring flashlight.

Also good news - the fire alarm insident at 3AM did not reoccur last night, however I suspect it will a few more times this week. It apparently usually does. The culprit from last time is perhaps involved in the modern art sculpture of the chairs in our common area, and the added touch of toilet paper.

Lotsa really drunk people here too. I watched 3 people(including a floor mate I get along quite well with) come in being dragged/lifted back to res.

Now I'm just sortof relaxing in my room( roommate is MIA during a trip home and to work, expected back tonight). Pondering breakfast right now(probably cold cerial and milk), or perhaps sorting my textbooks. Dunno yet.

Anyway, miss you guys lots(and you especially Sarah), and I'll try to keep updating regularily :)


Current Mood: hungry
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
4:59 pm
First Day in BC
Wow, busy week. Things went insanely fast. I still can't believe I'm here and moved into a new home. It's truly insane. Meh. Anyway, pretty flight on the way over, things generally without hitches of any sort. Things are basicly settled now, my textbooks wern't nearly as bad as I thought they would be( minus one text - 730$). Generally things seem pretty nice. My room mate is.. interesting. Not creapy as I feared he might be. Havn't had time to really get to know him yet. Lotsa walking and standing today - very little sitting. I walked to find my house, walked to find my cards, walked home, walked back again to pick up extension cord I needed, walked home, walked and stood for over 40 minutes to _pick up_ text books, walked to the beach, walked back, walked down to the beach(few naked men, half naked woman), although I'm actually not far from the ocean( think 200 feet). The beach itself is further along, as are the access trails. I've yet to decide whether the sign with swiming trunks and a red slash through it(pictures forthcoming perhaps?) means no swimmming, or no swimming trunks. Hmm. Also there was a man peeing in public as I went up the 200+ stairs. Speaking of which, really pretty in there, think jerasic rainforest. Anyway, my head hurts and I wanna LIE down for a while, I'll speak to y'all later ;)

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